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Andaman and Nicobar Lookbook

Hello Everybody,
When it comes to fashion, the best thing I like is that nobody is ever right or wrong, one can wear whatever makes them feel confident and comfortable. Be it pj’s, a fancy red dress, or anything in between.

Do you know what I love other than styling and fashion?

Traveling. Pretty cliché, yes.

I went to Andaman and Nicobar Islands last year in December for a week and oh my! It is one of the most magnificent places to visit in India. Starting from the mesmerizing light and sound show at the Cellular jail, to pure white sand beaches at Havelock Island, to underwater sports. Every day was an adventure, and it surely makes for a perfect holiday destination.

Today, I am going to share the outfits I wore there with you all. Here goes my Beach Vacay Lookbook.

Outfit 1:

 So me being a beach lover the first day we spent the day at the beach near our resort in Port Blair. It was a very chilled out and peaceful morning. I wore a pretty Dusty pink top, which secretly made me feel like an angel; you will get to know why. Just see the pictures. Hehe. And I paired it up with simple denim shorts and a pink bow.

Top – Stalk Buy Love (Buy Similar HERE)
Shorts – Levis (Buy Similar HERE)
Bow – Claire’s (Buy Similar HERE)

Outfit 2:

The next day we traveled to Havelock Island from Port Blair on a cruise. I wanted to keep the outfit simple, so I added some Boho vibes to it. I wore a bohemian print shrug and a basic black tank top with black shorts. Also, I added a red tassel neckpiece, and a tan-colored sling bag to complete the look.

Shrug – Forever 21(Buy Similar HERE)
Tank top – H&M (Buy Similar HERE)
Shorts – Thrifted (Buy Similar HERE)

Outfit 3:

The third day was calming and adventurous at the same time. We did Scuba Diving, and it was an unforgettable lifetime experience. Andaman is known for its fantastic water sports activities, and so, we had to try it once. The rest of the day, we just spent at the beach, and I wore the same outfit from the other day but with another bohemian embroidered cover-up, which, in my opinion, is a perfect go-to outfit for a beach day.

Shrug – Thrifted (Buy Similar HERE)
Tank top – H&M (Buy Similar HERE)
Shorts – Thrifted (Buy Similar HERE)

Outfit 4:

The fourth day we again did some thrilling adventures like sea walking and snorkeling. We also visited the most beautiful white sand beach in Havelock, which is called the Radhanagar Beach. For this, I wore a flowy printed dress. Added my same sling bag, blue reflecting sunnies, and bright yellow colored loop earrings.

Dress – Thrifted (Buy Similar HERE)
Sunglasses – Koovs (Buy Similar HERE)

Outfit 5:

The next day was again a travel day, and we went back to Port Blair via the cruise. I wore a ruffle grey skirt with a black tank top. To add the Beachy vibes to it, I also wore a long shell blue neckpiece.

Skirt – Forever 21 (Buy Similar HERE)
Tank top – H&M (Buy Similar HERE)
Neck piece – Got it from a local shop there (Buy Similar HERE)

Outfit 6:

The last and 6th day at Andaman was a little sad because I didn’t want to leave a beautiful place like that and get back to my boring old routine. But I still have tonnes of precious memories which will stay in my heart forever. We spend most of the day in the resort, and we also went to see the famous Cellular Jail in Port Blair. So I Wore an easy-breezy white top and denim shorts, both had a lace detailing, which made it look super cute. I also added a chunky silver coin neckpiece to finish it off.

Top – Thrifted (Buy Similar HERE)
Shorts – Forever 21 (Buy Similar HERE)
Neck piece – Janpath, New Delhi (Buy Similar HERE)

So, this marks the end of my trip and this post. I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading.
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Until next time, bye

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